Windrush 2010 Photos

Here’s a great selection of photos from our Windrush 2010 event. For the full photo set – over 160 photos – visit and like the Windrush 2010 Facebook page.

Performers’ Showcase

Photos taken during our Performers’ Showcase of eight short plays and three other acts. (Photo credit: David Pasho).

Rehearsals for the Performers’ Showcase

Photos from the rehearsals for the plays in our Performers’ Showcase.

Backstage at Windrush

Photos taken backstage at Windrush 2010.

Windrush Improv Challenge

Photos taken during our Windrush Improv Challenge event. (Photo credit: Robert Du Broy).

Concept Art

Here are some of the character designs for the Windrush 2010 promos.