Windrush 2010

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Windrush was a celebration of performing arts, produced by Valley Wind Productions in association with Neuron Mirror Studios. On March 27 2010, The Chambers in Ben Franklin Place hosted this day-long event featuring two full-length shows that bookended a number of other activities, networking opportunities, and more entertainment (including a free preview of some shows coming up around town).

Intended for performers as well as directors, producers, and the theatre-going public, this event was designed as a way for people to network, reconnect with old friends, and just come together in support and celebration of what they love. (Attendees also had the chance to win some great prizes.)


The Performers’ Showcase | Windrush Improv Challenge | Cast & Crew

The Performers’ Showcase

Our Performers’ Showcase, the main event, saw just about forty performers take the stage in eight short plays plus several other acts. The diverse set included representatives and alumnus from Canterbury High School, the Ottawa Theatre School, and both Algonquin College and the University of Ottawa’s theatre programs. The performances were:

A Dollar (by David Pinski)
A troupe of starving actors in between jobs and in between towns finds a dollar. This find forces out their true natures as they struggle to decide who should control the money.

It's a robbery!The Angel Intrudes (by Floyd Dell)
Jimmy’s guardian angel drops by for a visit at a crucial moment in Jimmy’s life; the eve of his running away to South America with his young lover.

Fourteen (by Alice Gerstenberg)
A blizzard and ever-changing number of guests threaten Mrs. Pringle’s attempts to set up a perfect dinner party.

The Game (by Louise Bryant)
Life and Death roll the dice on the fate of two young artists and the true love that will find them should they get the chance to meet.

Hanna and Greta (by Jeanette Jaquish and Allan Mackey)
When theyre dumped in the forest by their father, two annoying kids learn a lesson about the power of love from a witch and a family of ogres.

The Message (by Allan Mackey)
Michael Morse is a psychic that delivers messages from beyond the grave and he’s about to have his best show ever when it’s attended by a real ghost who has her own message.

Overtones (by Alice Gerstenberg)
Two cultured women fight off impulses from their inner selves when they sit down to a nice cup of tea and try to make a business arrangement.

Two Slatterns and a King (by Edna St. Vincent Millay)
A king tries to maintain high standards as he looks for a bride, but Chance has other things in mind.

Other acts:

Cast of Overtone at Windrush 2010The Magic of Ian Quick
After several years of practice as a lawyer, Ian Quick realized that if he were going to lie and fool everyone, he might as well be honest about it. He bacame a magician!

Ian Quick offers a diversity of themed performances to please any crowd. From educational shows to slapstick magic, from the open public to black tie affairs, from suitcase shows to big stage productions, Ian Quick has the magic touch.

Beyond magic, Ian Quick is also an upcoming actor. He has appeared in several dozen short films and industrials as well as a few straight to DVD titles. He successfully landed lead roles in both the Untamed Lands and Spellfury web series, as well as the part of Wizard in Legend of Oz. Ian has also appeared in several commercials for Wal-Mart.

Visit him online at

Laura D’Amico (singer)
Laura D’Amico began performing at the age of 8, taking vocal lessons at a local music school. Right from the start, she absolutely loved the thrill of being on stage. In 2007, she had the opportunity to be part of “The All-Starts of Canada”, and performed on tour in Florida, which took her to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. She landed her first movie role as Shannon in “Untamed Lands” in 2008.

Currently, Laura is part of Dominic D’Arcy’s “Rising Stars Program”, and performs at many local events, including the CTV CHEO Telethon. Laura would like to thank Valley Wind, Nicole Thibodeau, Rob Clarot, Anne-Marie Perrault, Dominic D’Arcy, and all of her friends and family for supporting her.


Windrush Improv Challenge

St. Matthew's at the Windrush Improv Challenge

St. Matthew’s makes beautiful music at the Windrush Improv Challenge.

Windrush closed out in tall order with the Windrush Improv Challenge. Three local improv teams brought out the fun and entertained the house with their high-energy antics as they competed for a coveted prize: advance screening passes to the summer’s most anticipated movie – Iron Man 2!

The teams came from all walks and included high school teams from St. Peter’s, St. Matthew’s and a team from Made to Measure, assembled from members of their weekly workshops. They competed in a two-heat elimination tournament with scoring focus leaning heavily towards entertainment factor.

Round one left St. Peter’s and St. Matthew’s as the favourites and chosen to move on where they came in dead tied in round two and went into a tie-breaking round. This third round saw St. Matthew’s barely edge out ahead of St. Peter’s and take home victory – and the passes to Iron Man 2.

The evening was hosted by the always entertaining Ian Quick and the Improv Challenge offered a great time for anybody with a sense of humour and a pulse.