Submission Guidelines

Attachments that don’t follow the below guidelines will be deleted without being opened. Legally, we also need to tell you that we’re always developing new stories and ideas and if you’re about to suggest anything to us, we very likely have something in the works just like it already. Also, anything at all that you send us becomes the property of Valley Wind Productions to use as we see fit unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Headshots & Resumes

* We only accept actor resumes and headshots during audition time or when specifically requested. Please do not send without reason.

* Crew or other resumes should be mentioned in the subject line of the email and should accompany a proper cover letter.

* Actor headshots should be sized down. Twelve megapixel, poster-sized images are not needed. 1,200 pixels high or wide is a good size.

* If you have photos online, feel free to send a link instead of a headshot.

*Any files larger than 2-3Mb will not be downloaded.

Scripts & Treatments

* Unless stated specifically someplace else on this site, all of our writing is done in-house. We are not accepting any submissions or looking for any work to produce. Unsolicited attachments will be deleted without ever being opened, likely without ever being downloaded.

* Currently all of our development is done in-house. We’re not looking for any ideas or suggestions of any nature. We are not interested in your “next great idea”.

* If you’re looking to collaborate on a project, or to hire us in a production capacity, then feel free to get in touch. Give us the basics of what you’re looking for (not your story idea) and save the specifics until we ask.

Crow and Mora battle in Valley Wind Production's Untamed Lands.

Crow and Mora fight for the fate of the world in Valley Wind Production’s Untamed Lands.