Are You Sending the Right Message?

From the beginning to the end of the production process Valley Wind Productions offers a wide variety of services to help you meet your business or career goals. Our proven record at all stages of production comes from our great passion and complete dedication to the work we do. It results in an unwavering commitment to excellence and a guarantee that whatever the project, the end result is the strongest it can be.

The Valley Wind Advantage is that we bring that commitment to excellence with us to every client we have. When you do business with Valley Wind Productions, your goals become our goals and your success is our success.

Video Production

Make sure you're sending customers the right message.Industrials, corporates, promotionals. No matter how you label them, there’s an increasing desire among consumers to see live online video for your business or product. Even if it’s only a sixty second video introducing you or your business, not having one, especially when your competitors do, can mean lost sales.

And the only thing worse than not having any video is having bad video. Trust Valley Wind Productions to give your video the attention it deserves to properly show your customers who they’re dealing with and trust us to it at a cost you can live with.

Training videos, commercials, music videos, podcasts, podcasts. The possibilities and uses for video in your business or career are nearly endless. How will you use yours?

Live Event Videography

On one or multiple cameras, we can record just about anything. We probably already have. Dance recitals and corporate seminars. Competitions, sporting events, theatre productions, or other live events. If you want your event captured on video and forever remembered trust people with the equipment and training to do it right.

Whether it’s just for posterity or it’s something you’d like to review and analyze later, your event shouldn’t just happen and be done. Not when you can have it on video.

Web Doctoring

Whether you’re a small-to-medium sized business or a freelance creative professional of any stripe, this applies to you: You need a strong online presence.

It’s the age of the internet and that means the first place your customers are like to find you is on the internet. Your website needs to be as effective and give customers as good an impression as you’d expect from any employee you pay to represent you. What is your website saying about you? And give attention spans is measure in seconds, how quickly is it saying it?

Turning your outdated and non-functional website into a productive employee is what web doctoring is all about. We’ll get you set up with a site that serves you, and more importantly that is as easy to maintain and update as sending an email. Plus, social media. People are talking about you and you need to have direct line into the conversation or who knows what they’ll say.

No matter your video needs, we’re ready to help you send the right message.

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