Privacy Policy

Mora and Athenon guard your privacy.

Your Privacy is Important to Us

Privacy is a big topic these days and we want you to know that we value yours. This information will let you know how your personal information is handled.

Valley Wind Productions will never sell your personal or contact information to any third parties. Your personal information will only ever be used in ways that you agree to or that are implied in your dealings with us. (ie, if you agree to let us refer you to other casting directors, we may give them your email addresses and/or phone numbers). Equally, your personal information will only be used internally within Valley Wind Productions in ways you’ve permitted or implied in your dealings with us.

This applies for forms you physically fill out for us, as well as information you provide us electronically.

Any comments you provide, or correspondence you send us, becomes the property of Valley Wind Productions to do with as we please unless previously agreed upon in writing. Comments themselves should be considered completely public as they’re posted in a public forum.