Case Evidence: Video Archive

Below is a selection of case file info from The Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy.

The photos are all on their own page. Please visit “Case Evidence: Photos” for the full photo collection, with a variety of photos from all stages of the production.

Note that to minimize load time, we’ve only embedded a couple of videos directly on the page. We’ve linked the full set to where you can find them on YouTube. In fact, all you really need to do is visit this link for the YouTube BBSC Playlist where all the videos will play automagically for you.

Scenes from the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy

These three clips were recorded during a live performance of the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy on June 23, 2013.

Clip 1: “…what does this button do?”

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Check out these other two scenes from the show:

The Case File 318 Video

Cast Interviews

Click any of the video titles to watch the videos on YouTube.

Interview with Laura Hall (Alexia Ashford)

Interview with Chris Cottrell (Sean Hart)

Interview with Ron Langton (Bob Shirley)

Interview with Meghan Murphy (Ashley Sheridan)

Interview with Katie Volkert (The Baroness)

Other Videos

Video Introduction From The Cast of the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy