Special Features Wednesday: Our John Sheridan

The world of The Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy is like our own, but with one major difference: the government. There, a new Prime Minister has just recently been elected. His name is John Sheridan, and the Rt. Hon. Mr. Sheridan loves being the PM and isn’t afraid to show it! He’s even on Facebook, because he just loves being relatable to all those young people across Canada!

Lawrence Aronovitch as Prime Minister John Sheridan

We’ve decided to create material about our wonderful John Sheridan in order for Fringe-goers to get to know him better – as a man with a passion for being Prime Minister and a strong stance on the hooligans in Liechtenstein.

John Sheridan’s Facebook fan page already contains quite a few picture

s of our Prime Minister hard at work. We even have pictures of a few members of the PM’s cabinet, with more potentially coming soon! (These faces may look a little familiar). Like the page and stay tuned for promotional videos from the PM himself as well as his chief of staff, Bob Shirley.

The PM’s daughter, Ashley, has also recently started a Twitter account! Follow her to read reports on what it’s like to live at 24 Sussex Drive – and see a ton of adorable cat photos along the way.


Val (the Social Media Mistress)