(please note that bios were written in May 2013 and are likely to be out of date)

The Cast of The Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy


in the Bureau of Bat Shit CrazyAlexia (Lexi Voice) Ashford :: Laura Hall


Hi, I’m Laura Hall. I have a webcomic, Madge of Truth, based on the writings of Victorian-era etiquette guru, Mrs. Humphry. My character does not have such a webcomic, although she does doodle stick-people in her notebook when no-one’s looking. This role is perfect for me because I’m a hard-ass g-man who just wants to make the world a better place. And I’m really good at finding lost cats. You might have  seen me on stage recently in Ottawa Little Theatre’s Pride and Prejudice. I’ve also worked with Tara Players, Linden House, Garkin Productions, Blacksheep Theatre and Third Wall. I really enjoy doing improv, and have had several opportunities to perform with Crush Improv through their “My Summer Crush” and “‘Bout Time” shows, among others. This will be my 9th year with the Ottawa Fringe Festival. Bring it on.


Chris Cottrell as Sean Hart in the Bureau of Bat Shit CrazySean Hart :: Chris Cottrell


Hi! I’m Chris Cottrell, a high school teacher (Drama, English) recently returned to Ottawa after living the life of a struggling actor Toronto, then traveling to various places in Europe, Asia & the U.S. Like my character, Sean Hart, I have a big heart and am passionate about my work, hobbies and the people who are close to me. Sean and I are both very loyal, dedicated, sensible, practical gentlemen who have a great desire to find balance and security in our lives and are willing to make great sacrifices for the greater good. This uncanny similarity between us allows me to portray Hart with the sincerity and charm the role deserves. I recently helped Ottawa Little Theatre celebrate their 100th season as Dr. John Cristow in The Hollow.  Other roles I’ve loved include Cliff in Look Back In Anger (Poor Alex, Toronto), Orsino in Twelfth Night (Acropolix Theatre Co., Toronto, London) and Dukes Senior and Frederick in As You Like It (Acropolis).


Meghan Murphy as Ashley Sheridan in the Bureau of Bat Shit CrazyAshley Samantha Sheridan :: Meghan Murphy


Hi! My name is Meghan Murphy and I’m in a band called Sassafras, which I named, where I sing and rap. We’re called Sassafras because we’re super sassy. You know it’s true. In my spare time I like to eat chocolate and cry over various things such as One Direction. I play the character of Ashley Sheridan who is a sheltered, awkward ginger that loves her cat. I am perfect for this role because I am a sheltered, awkward ginger who love cats. If you were cool enough, you might have seen me as the sassy maid Doris in Ottawa Little Theatre’s The Hollow last fall.



Katie Volkert as the Baroness in the Bureau of Bat Shit CrazyThe Baroness :: Katie Volkert


Hi, I’m Katie Volkert, one-time agricultural fair pageant participant. The pageant took place in the same room as the turtle races and adjacent to the pig room. I did not win. My character in The Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy is the Baroness, a fashionista criminal genius looking to balance the scales of justice. I feel a special kinship with this character through our mutual love for fabulous vintage dresses – though admittedly I have not gone universe-jumping to fuel the habit. I first took the stage with Manitoulin Island’s Classic School of Dance (Swan Lake, Cry of the Dragonfly), and since then have been spotted onstage with Queen’s University Women’s Empowerment Committee and most recently as part of Ottawa Little Theatre’s 100th season (Pride & Prejudice, Hay Fever).


Ron Langton as Bob Shirley in the Bureau of Bat Shit CrazyBob Shirley, Bob Shirley, and Bob Shirley :: Ron Langton


Ho there, interlopers, I’m Ron Langton. In this world, I’m known for my way with words as an accomplished poet and screenwriter, my grand machinations in creating interactive theatre and live action role playing experiences, and also for my nonlinear quest to unshackle consciousness from negative societal restrictions (behaving oddly). Some might recall my portrayal of Renfield in The Death of Dracula at The Gladstone last Halloween. In BBSC, I play Bob Shirley, one of the Prime Minister’s most trusted aides. Mr. Shirley is a man of conviction and vision pushed to his limits. I was an ideal choice to portray the complexities of Mr. Shirley as I am also a multi-dimensional shapeshifter that searches the world for unconventional magics and energies as part of an ongoing secret crusade that no one believes exists.


With The DREDGE :: Sarah Algozino, Tifanni Kenny, Hailey Masterson, Alis Rainer

Sarah Algozino in the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy

Hi! My name is Sarah Algozino. I am a recent graduate of the University of Ottawa where I majored in theatre and had a minor in music. I have performed in many musical theatre shows and have trained in dance and voice. I am also a choreographer and I have a deep love for country music. In the ensemble of the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy I play a dredge. Dredge love music, as do all creatures in the multi universe. Sadly dredge do not have the capability to create their own music and lack culture. I’ve worked on many shows in Ottawa at the university as well as in the community. I was a dancer in Mamamouchi! (Unicorn Theatre at U of O), Back to the 80’s and Oliver (Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet) just to name a few. This summer I will be playing Mrs. Mayor in Seussical (Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet). I am super excited to be a part of the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy as this is my first year being in a Fringe show!

Tifanni Kenny in the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy

Hailey Masterson in the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy

Hi! My name is Hailey Masterson and I’m a second year student studying Theatre and Arts Administration at the University of Ottawa. When not converting alternate universes, I can be found scooping gelato or selling high quality women’s clothing. In the show I play a Dredge, which is perfect for me because I’m creepy (yet badass), and I love doing squats.

Alis Rainer in the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy

And the VOICE TALENTS of :: Leslie Cserepy, Lori Jean Hodge, Eduardo Sousa, Laszlo Szijarto

The Crew of the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy


Producer :: Allan Mackey / Valley Wind Productions


Allan Mackey, playwright and director of the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy.Playwright, Director, Production Design :: Allan Mackey


Hi there, Ottawa. … Sorry, other hat. I’m Allan Mackey and when I’m not out promoting theatre across this city, I’m possibly found at dance competitions and recitals, otherwise recording things people want on video, building websites, or creating other digital content. I’m a writer more or less by birthright (there’s no escaping it) and have been specifically devoted to the study of storycraft and writing for performers since writing/producing commercials for an advertising project in Algonquin’s SME program some number of years ago. I’m no stranger to the world of “bat shit crazy” having defined the very essence of it with the Petrov family in 2009. In fact, while you’re waiting for your chance to see the greatest adventure-comedy to hit Fringe this year, you can visit the Petrovs and try to Survive the House in that interactive horror movie with 29 endings, which is readily available online. Follow Allan on Twitter.

Megan Cowie, stage manager for The Bureau of Bat Shit CrazyStage Manager, Lighting Design :: Megan “Battle to the Death” Cowie


Megan, once a temporary tattoo artist in Southern Ontario has changed her ways and is now known as a stationary guru by day and stage manager by night. When she is not saving the office world with extreme color coding , she is able to put her tools to the ultimate test with the crew of BBSC. Follow Megan on Twitter.




Caitlin O'Brien, Assistant stage manage of The Bureau of Bat shit CrazyAssistant Stage Manager :: Caitlin O’Brien


Hello, My name is Caitlin O’Brien and I am 18 years old.  I love to gather with my friends and just jam. It’s a pretty good feeling. I try and solve mysteries in my day-to-day life, just like this show… maybe not quite at bat shit crazy levels, but I’m working up to it.  My recent theatre credits include; Performing in “33 Swoons: 3 Chekhov Shorts” (Algonquin College), Stage Managing “The Servant of Two Masters” (Algonquin College), Assistant Stage Managing “November” and “Stones in His Pockets” (Seven Thirty Productions). Enjoy the show!  Follow Caitlin on Twitter.



Steven Lafond, Sound Designer for the Bureau of Bat Shit CrazySound Designer :: Steven Lafond


Greetings! My name is Steven Lafond and I am a professional magician. I have performed magic since I was a child and have mystified folks in many parts of the country. However, I am primarily the owner and operator of MJM Epic Sound Design Studio. Besides managing the recording studio, I also compose original scores, create dynamic sound designs, record foley and voice-overs for various projects in film and theatre in Ottawa and Toronto. I will be doing all those things and more to bring audible life to the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy. My recent musical credits include: “Clue…less” (Eddie May Mysteries), “The Government Inspector” (OSSD), “Ladies of the Lake” (Skeleton Key), “Bat Boy: The Musical” (Blacksheep), “A Slay-Ride Together” (Eddie May Mysteries) and many more.


Eduardo SousaDigital Media Coordinator, Associate Producer :: Eduardo Sousa


Hi, I’m Eduardo. I’ve been actively involved with Valley Wind Production projects since 2008, starting as an actor who innocently enough offered to help out as crew. It wasn’t long before I was working in behind the scenes in a lot of different jobs with only the occasional on screen appearance. I spent the last two years in Toronto at the Toronto Film School and in barely six months of being back in Ottawa, I’m happy to be back on board for another Valley Wind production, bringing the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy to the stage at Fringe this summer. Follow Eduardo on Twitter.



Valerie Cardinal, social media mistress of The Bureau of Bat Shit CrazyMedia Relations, Social Media Mistress :: Valerie Cardinal


Hi, I’m Val, recent grad of Algonquin College’s Scriptwriting program and frequent contributor to theatre blog The Charlebois Post. Someday I hope to be a writer for Parks & Recreation – or at least besties with Amy Poehler. My passion for theatre comes from many childhood years of acting in community productions. Previously to studying in Ottawa, I lived in Montreal and volunteered at the Montreal Fringe Festival. I’m looking forward to seeing the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy come to life at the Ottawa Fringe! Follow Valerie on Twitter.



Stills Photographer :: David Pasho

Hi, I’m David Pasho. I have photographed Mayan ruins in the Yucatan, a cold war era Soviet submarine covertly recovered from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean for the CIA and brilliantly coloured minerals through a microscope. All that was fun and challenging but photographing people and faces is my photographic passion. From studio head shots to national level gymnastics to candid photography on the streets of some foreign country I strive to capture expressions, emotions and the actions of people doing what they do. I am the the official photographer for Valley Wind Productions and Production Ottawa, which has opened the door to photographing an amazing variety of the most amazing people both on and behind the stage – its a veritable smorgasbord of those expressions, emotions and actions that are my passion to capture. You can find many samples of my work on my website.

Set Construction :: Laszlo Szijarto

Scenic Painting :: Robyn Lester (Desertscape), Allan Mackey, Eduardo Sousa

And with addition thanks to :: Lawrence Aronovitch, Patrice Forbes, Lionel Gibson, Melanie Grant, Mike Kosowon, Michelle LeBlanc, Louise Mackey, Tina Mackey, Manuel Sousa, and the Ottawa Fringe Festival.