Director’s Note:

It all started with the title.

The Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy :: Press the ButtonWhen I put in for the Fringe lottery, there were a half-dozen show possibilities I had in mind. When I actually won, I realized I wasn’t really into any of them. Some I just didn’t feel passionately enough about and others I knew I wasn’t ready to tackle yet.

Then while out one day, The Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy popped into my head. I’d heard it previously as a line on a television program, sarcastically referencing a department investigating the paranormal things, and I noted it for later use. Apparently now was later.

That title merged itself immediately with something else I’d always wanted to do which was some form of Canada’s answer to Doctor Who. Those two thoughts gave birth to the challenge of bringing the character of a television program like Doctor Who to the stage.  A high-energy, borderline absurd, madcap adventure with a lot of heart

Now here we are six months later with a fast-paced show you wouldn’t be wrong to call ambitious. Sixteen costume changes and seven set changes for six different sets across four universes, all in an hour, and the show never slows down or stops. The only reason it all came together was thanks to the hard work of a main cast of five, an ensemble of eight beyond that, and crew enough to bring the total number of people who’ve worked on this show to more than twenty.

It’s thanks entirely to the effort and dedication of every one of them that The Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy has become everything I envisioned it to be when I first started writing. If you thought from anything you’ve heard about the show that you’d enjoy it, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. They’ve ensured that. Sit back and enjoy the ride.