Behind the Scenes: My Starring Role

This week was chock full of very special rehearsals – and not just because we started doing full run-throughs. It was also special because I got to unleash my acting chops in a very important role.

As the days pass, we’re assembling more and more of our sets and props. Performers are running around frantically between scenes, hurrying to change their costumes as our assistant stage manager, Caitlin, thrusts jackets onto their waiting arms and ties their shoes to accelerate the process. But we’re still missing the panels that will form our backdrop. Which means that anything that needs to be hung on those panels must be held by hand for now.

Remember that kid in your elementary school who was cast as the tree in that one school play? Yeah, that was me. Only I got to be more interesting than just a silly tree – I was a human white board.

Trust me, guys, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. I had to keep a straight face while our performers drew on me, had conversations near me or just gave me googly-eyed looks. I’m proud that I held it together while Ron, notorious for trying to make us all laugh, mimed drawing on my face.

Standing with a whiteboard propped up on your arms is also a surprisingly effective workout. Try it sometime! You’ll see what I mean. And although I made a pretty decent whiteboard, don’t look out for me during the show; I will sadly be replaced by a non-living arrangement. My acting skills are decent, but they’re not quite good enough to be a convincing inanimate object.

Of course, the heavy lifting as always was done by our fantastic performers, who weren’t even phased that their whiteboard was constantly trying not to laugh. They kept the energy going as we repeated scene after scene to iron out all the little details. I have no doubt that they’re going to be perfect on opening night!

Even though everyone has been working incredibly hard, it wouldn’t be a Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy rehearsal if there weren’t some silliness happening! So without further ado, here are my favorite moments from the past few weeks:

1. “Isolate those hips, Eduardo!” – Allan, to our digital media coordinator Eduardo, when he replaced one of our performers during an acrobatic moment

2. Deep thoughts from Katie, aka The Baroness: “Invisibility is the muteness of pictures.”

3. Getting our first full run-though done – and managing to shave a little more time off each run-through after.

4. The occasional rehearsal interruption caused by a man in a motorized wheelchair taking his small dog for a walk

5. The fact that the seating in our rehearsal space consists of two wooden pews – often resulting in what I like to call #backpewshenanigans

6. Meghan’s out-of-this-world banana and peanut butter chip cookies. Yum! I’m still dreaming about those.

I can’t believe the Fringe opens next week! Eek! Can’t wait to see you all in the audience of The Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy! Be there or be square. And don’t forget to follow @CaseFile319 on Twitter for updates!

Win, Lose or Draw,

Val (the Social Media Mistress)