Behind the Scenes of the BBSC: Getting Excited!

Yet another week of rehearsals down! It’s crazy to think that June has already arrived. In the blink of an eye, it’ll be Fringe time!

The themes of rehearsal this week have been violence and love. Don’t worry, the violence is staged. But the love is real (awww).

It was finally time to choreograph our fight sequence. First of all, Meghan (Ashley) and Ron (Bob Shirley) proved to be quite acrobatic with a lift that wouldn’t be out of place on an ice skating rink (if ice skating involved more screaming and punching, that is.). I must admit, I felt a little anxiety due to our rehearsal space’s low ceilings, Ron’s height and Meghan’s accident-prone nature. Luckily, everyone survived.

Next, everyone in the cast got in the action, literally  – and it’s hard to coordinate scenes with five actors, all of whom need to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. I never realized how complex blocking action sequences was until now. I can’t wait until Sunday, when we start ramping up rehearsals even more!

As Fringe approaches, don’t forget to check back here for super awesome new content EVERY WEEKDAY. That’s right, we’ll be posting all the videos, photo galleries and special features that your little heart desires – including these weekly rehearsal updates every Friday! This week, we posted two awesome cast intro videos – The wonderful Katie Volkert, who plays the Baroness, and the incredible Ron Langton, who portrays Bob Shirley.

And, as promised last week, here are a few of my favorite quotes from rehearsal so far. Enjoy!

  • “I get really competitive about drama games.” – Meghan (Ashley), after a few intense rounds of Zip Zap Zop.
  • “Is this how it works in film?” – Megan (The Stage Manager) to Allan (The Director) as he waves a prop gun at the actors while giving them notes.
  • “Nobody puts Katie in the corner…except for me.” – Allan, while blocking a scene

And, last but not least (since I can’t remember who said this)…

  • In reference to the Big Red Button, an essential prop: “How do we treat the BRB? Are we Golluming it?”

Laser guns,

Val (The Social Media Mistress)