Behind the Scenes of The BBSC: An Observer’s Diary

What a month it’s been! May has been chock full of video shoots, promotional planning, fake Facebook fan pages, Twitter account tie-ins and, of course, rehearsal after rehearsal.

The crazy countdown to the Ottawa Fringe starts now, with almost exactly a month to go to the opening night of The Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy – and yet, it’s a miracle if we can get the whole cast and crew to attend a rehearsal at the same time. So far, people have been sidelined by illness, unexpected concussions and trips to England. We like to joke that we’re cursed. Although personally I’m hoping that we’ll at least be able to have the entire cast present for the performances themselves!

And while a social media mistress doesn’t have much to do during rehearsal time (especially in a basement room where there’s no wifi or even cell phone reception), I’ve been having fun being an observer. You know you’re involved with a good show when rehearsals involve prop laser guns and intense games of Zip Zap Zop. We always have a lot of laughs coming up with the funniest hashtags during break times. In my next entry, I’ll post the best ones, along with some memorable quotes from our cast and crew – my rehearsal notes are filled with them!

Meanwhile, follow @CaseFile319 on Twitter for BBSC updates – as well as some possibly de-classified info about #batshitcrazy stuff in good ol’ Ottawa. And don’t forget to join our event on Facebook!

Here’s hoping we’ll get everyone to at least one rehearsal next week! I may be so excited that I’ll tweet a picture.

Cat noises,

Val (The Social Media Mistress)