Behind the Scenes: Now With Less Pants!

Things here at the The Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy are always a little bit…well, bat shit crazy. Last Sunday was our first pants-free rehearsal. Seriously, what Fringe performance would be complete without a little pantlessness?

Yes, every performer gets their own special pants-free moment and this was the first time we actually did the scenes as they were intended: sans pants! Everyone was very brave and I think this rehearsal was a success; I sure know I couldn’t have done it.

We rehearsed something else for the first time yesterday…but I can’t tell you about that yet because it’s a surprise! Let me just say that we’re all super excited about it, and you should be too.  In other exciting news, we chased down three HUGE fridge boxes to be part of our set, and they’re now living in Allan’s dinning room. So things are moving fast!

Last Sunday was also a momentous occasion: thanks to the return of Caitlin, our assistant stage manager, our cast and crew were all present at the rehearsal! Of course, I forgot to take a picture. Well, there’s always next time (if there is a next time, that is).

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Superhero underpants,

Val (The Social Media Mistress)


  1. Allan Mackey says:

    Just to add, the all in attendance moment only lasted a portion of rehearsal. We have yet to have a full rehearsal with all present and accounted for.