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the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy

The –officially labeled- Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy is the department of the Canadian federal government* that investigates unexplained stuff and things you don’t get to know about. Be it looking into claims of raining frogs, or stopping universe-jumping, velociraptor-riding Nazis, or quelling localized zombie outbreaks, it’s the BBSC’s Alexia Ashford and Sean Hart who keep calm and investigate.

At the last election, a new right-wing Prime Minister came to office, and he isn’t buying into any of this woo woo crap. Believing that it’s all hogwash and taking money away from proper useful projects like cloud seeding and weather control (Canada’s cold, y’all) he’s effectively terminated the BBSC.

He has, however, given Ashford and Hart one last case. More of a slap to the face, really. They’ve been tasked with finding his daughter’s missing cat.

Of course, this being the Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy, things are never that simple and the search for the missing cat will cross four universes, introduce Ashford and Hart to a fashionable  arch-nemesis they didn’t know they had, awaken a threat to the safety of the entire multiverse, and uncover a conspiracy against the Canadian Government itself — all with the Prime Minister’s daughter in tow.

(* not really a federal governmental department, probably)


Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy

The Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy is an original one-act play written by Allan Mackey and being produced by Valley Wind Productions. It’s a madcap adventure-comedy that had it’s world premiere at the 2013 Ottawa Fringe Festival where it sold out its six-show run. With heavy influences from Doctor Who and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, mixed with shades of Sherlock Holmes, The Bureau of Bat Shit Crazy is the show for anybody who’s tried to move things with their minds every now and again just in case they’ve suddenly developed telekinetic powers.

And admit it, you just did.

Now that our run at the 2013 Fringe is done, we’ve got a whole mess of new updates on the website, including a lot of photos and videos, and talk about how the show was received.

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