About Valley Wind Productions

Valley Wind Productions was founded in 2008 with the goals of producing high-quality dramatic-form content, providing production-oriented services to local businesses and talent and encouraging the strengthening and growth of the production industry in Ottawa, Gatineau and surrounding areas.

We’re digital content creators who produce movies, web series, and other forms of digital content and we provide services for small business and creative professionals at every stage of the production process.

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What We Stand For

Douglas Connors and Kelleagh Moore on the set of A Dollar. Entertain: Entertain First. That’s the rule. Telling fun and entertaining stories, whatever the medium, is why we’re here. If we’re not entertaining, we’re not succeeding.

Community: We believe that every set, big or small, needs a sense of community and we believe that that community relies on everybody being a productive part of it. That community is strongest when people are working together in harmony towards a singular goal and we encourage that from the earliest stages by surrounding ourselves with others who, like us, have unlimited passion for what they do and complete dedication to the success of the production they’re a part of. From the production assistants to the producers, our goal is the ultimate success of the production and we do whatever’s needed to make that happen.

Quality: When we embark on a project, we’re dedicated to its success. Every project comes with it’s own challenges, compromises, and concessions but doing what we need to to ensure it’s completed to the best achievable quality isn’t even a thought. It’s an instinct.

Engage: Recognizing that we work in a rapidly changing industry, we strive to stay on top of emerging web technologies and the continuing trend to internet-based viewing that allow us to engage with our audience. We embrace social media and are always looking for new and exciting ways to reach and interact with the audience we hope to entertain.

Opportunity: We’re out to mazimize and create opportunity wherever possible. Both for passionate and talented individuals working in this industry as well as for business partners and clients.

Media Articles

Links to media downloads, releases, and articles.

2/25/2010 Blog Article (Go Into The Story) Movies You Made: Survive the House LINK | PDF
12/4/2008 News Article (Algonquin Times) And… action! LINK | PDF
12/4/2008 News Article (Algonquin Time) Ragtag crew gets interviewed LINK | PDF